Youi car insurance

Youi offers three main types of car insurance, including third party property, third party fire and theft and comprehensive. Plus, Youi even underwrites its own policies, so if you choose to go with this provider, you’ll be in the hands of people who know their product like the back of their hand.

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Who is Youi underwritten by?

Unlike most different insurance firms that ar underwritten by a bigger separate insurance firm, Youi underwrites its own policies. That’s as a result of Youi (Youi Pty Ltd) is associate Australian registered general insurance firm, in hand by Youi Holdings Pty Ltd. This successively could be a subsidiary of OUTsurance International Holdings Pty Ltd, that is itself a subsidiary of the international insurance services supplier Rand businessperson Insurance Holdings (RMIH) cluster.

What types of car insurance does Youi offer?

When it involves protective your wheels, Youi offers 3 main styles of automotive insurance: third party property solely, third party fireplace and thievery and comprehensive.

Youi conjointly suppliers required third party insurance (CTP) for drivers in authority. Otherwise referred to as a ‘green slip’, this type of insurance could be a demand for all drivers in Australia. It covers you for prices associated with injuries and deaths that may be caused throughout a road accident. So, if you are organising insurance in authority, make certain to planned out CTP initial.

What does Youi’s comprehensive car insurance cover?

The first factor value noting with Youi’s normal comprehensive insurance, is that margin help and towing cowl is enclosed. In most different comprehensive insurance policies, these options ar solely accessible as elective extras. that means you’d typically pay a small amount a lot of for them.

Besides this, Youi’s comprehensive car insurance policy also covers:

  • Up to $20 million in legal liability cover, if your car causes damage to someone else’s vehicle or property.
  • New car replacement, if yours is written off within 24 months of purchasing it. To be eligible, you will have to have driven it less than 500km since it was registered in your name. Or it will have to have been driven less than 40,000km since it was first registered.
  • Contents inside your car, if damaged or stolen. That includes a maximum cover of up to $750, up to $150 per item.
  • Reasonable cover for baby seat/s, plus other additions including personalised plates, a towbar and window tinting.
  • Up to $1,000 worth of cover for emergency accommodation, transport or repairs. This applies if you are more than 100km from home and you are involved in an insured event.
  • Up to $1,500 worth of cover for trailers
  • Fire, theft, storm, flood or earthquake damage
  • Accidental damage
  • Intentional damage, unless the person who causes the damage lives at the same address where the car is kept, is a listed driver, you have given them permission to drive the car or is acting with your consent.
  • Hire car costs, if your car is stolen or damaged as a result of an accident that is not your fault.
  • Reasonable towing and storage costs
  • Temporary replacement car
  • Replacement keys or lock recoding
Included in Youi’s comprehensive insurance policy, Youi’s wayside help cowl entitles you to 2 callouts annually. afterward you’ll got to pay money for every further callout.

Each callout includes protect the subsequent, and limits:



Fuel, petrol or diesel 

 Up to 10 litres


 Up to $150


 Up to 50km in regional areas and 20km in metro areas


 Up to $50

Minor breakdown repairs

 Up to $20

What optional extras are available with Youi’s comprehensive car insurance?

Some optional extras that you can pay more to have included with your Youi comprehensive car insurance policy are:
A hire car for other insured events, including an at-fault accident
Up to $2,500 worth of cover for an unbraked trailer
Up to $1,000 worth of cover (after excess) for work items
Cover for campervan/motorhome contents
Choice of repairer.

What’s not included in Youi’s comprehensive car insurance policy?

Some things that are not included in Youi’s comprehensive policy are:
General wear and tear of your car from aging or use
Liability for death or personal injury to any person
Flood, storm or bushfire damage which occurred during the first 72 hours of the start of your policy
Rental car liability (plus fuel costs and costs getting to and from a rental car)

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